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Cover project Elio

Elio. A documentary about Antonio de Nebrija

Final client & Work team

Lateral Contents & Grupo ADM / Aplomo Studio


How can we instill in students the importance of the Language, —of the Word that «makes us sapiens»— and introduce them to the figure of the Spanish humanist Elio Antonio de Nebrija?


Sergio Lopez 'Haze' takes us through the different places that shaped the life of the spanish humanist. A journey that helped him understand the importance of the Word for the human development

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We have interwoven a variety of typographic forms in the composition —each representing the same character, word, or phrase— to create something larger: a coherent and beautiful system that also resonates with messages of modernity. A graphic system in constant evolution. Just like the Language.

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Music is something that accompanies us throughout our lives, but undoubtedly, the one that leaves the most lasting impact on us, is the music we've experienced during our youth, as it directly influences us during a pivotal moment in the development of our personality.

For this reason, during the research process, we found it much more enriching and interesting to ask ourselves which artists and what type of music the target audience of the documentary listened to. This is how urban music plays a fundamental role in bringing the audiovisual piece closer to the target audience.

You can take a look at the case study through the following link.

Photogram of the documentary

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